Meet Wreck Me’s Secondary Characters

Yes, Wreck Me is only 4 days away from being released. To continue the countdown I’m letting the secondary characters have their day. Make sure to check out Regret Me Not’s secondary characters, and don’t forget to enter to win at the bottom of the page.

Meet Lola~ She is Piper’s best friend and roommate. They have been best friends since elementary school. She is the only person who knows what Piper has been through and why Piper chose to go to Castle Bridge University.



Meet Mike~ He is Piper’s boyfriend. She met him at college and has been her crutch for the last six months.



Meet Robbie~ He is Lola’s boyfriend and Chase’s best friend. Robbie is also the bass guitarist for the band Almost Broken.



Meet Amber~ She is Piper’s friend and former roommate. Amber and Piper became friends when Piper first arrived at Castle Bridge University.



Meet Kiki~ She is Chase’s friend and the lead singer of Almost Broken.



Meet Colin~ He helps run the bar Screaming Turtle, and has a crush on Piper.



Meet Reagan~ She is a waitress at the Screaming Turtle. And loves to flirt with Chase.



Meet Dixie~ She is Amber’s best friend and has a crush on Mike.



Meet Nathan~ He is drummer for Almost Broken.

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