Wreck Me Soundtrack

Wreck Me is almost here. The countdown continues with the Wreck Me soundtrack. A lot of these songs inspired certain scenes in Wreck Me. Make sure to check out Danielle Sibarium’s soundtrack for Regret Me Not.

1. Matt Nathason’s Featuring Sugarland: Run


2. Gloriana: Can’t Shake You

3. Kodaline: All I Want

4. The Maine: Take Me Dancing

5. Lit: She Don’t Know

I hope you enjoyed the Wreck Me soundtrack.

Make sure to check out Danielle’s soundtrack for Regret Me Not


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Soundtrack for Letting Go

Music has become like my writing buddy. The lyrics and sounds inspire my stories in so many ways. Although Hold on Tight and Letting Go are part of the same series they have their own soundtrack. These are the songs I had to listen to every time I picked up my laptop to write Letting Go.

Nash’s song to Emma:

Court’s song to Emma:

Nash and Court’s Song to Emma:

Their first dance & inspiration for part of Letting Go:

Inspiring the whole book

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