Top 10 Romantic Movies According to Me

I will admit it now: I’m a sucker for romance. My favorite movies are romantic comedies. I know. Please don’t judge. To continue my celebration of the Wreck Me Release, only 6 days away, I’m sharing my top ten favorite romantic movies. Make sure to check out Danielle Sibarium’s list of her favorite romantic movies.¬†And at the end of the page make sure to enter to win some cool prizes.

10. Hope Floats: Harry Connick JR has never been sexier.



9. Ghost: Who thought the word ditto could mean so much.



8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding: I never laughed so much as I felt I was watching my family.



7. Endless Love: Every time I watch this movie I’m reminded why I love writing about romance.




6. The Faults of Our Stars: Both the book and the movie made me cry.



5. Say Anything: Who doesn’t want a guy to hold a boom-box over their heads for them.



4. 50 First Dates: This movie made me actually fall in love with Adam Sandler.



3. A Walk to Remember: She saved him as he became her miracle. Just a beautiful love story that made me cry.



2. Dirty Dancing: Because no one puts Baby in the corner. And really, who can resist a man who dances?



1. The Notebook: Do I really need to explain why?


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