Top 10 Romantic Movies According to Me

I will admit it now: I’m a sucker for romance. My favorite movies are romantic comedies. I know. Please don’t judge. To continue my celebration of the Wreck Me Release, only 6 days away, I’m sharing my top ten favorite romantic movies. Make sure to check out Danielle Sibarium’s list of her favorite romantic movies. And at the end of the page make sure to enter to win some cool prizes.

10. Hope Floats: Harry Connick JR has never been sexier.



9. Ghost: Who thought the word ditto could mean so much.



8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding: I never laughed so much as I felt I was watching my family.



7. Endless Love: Every time I watch this movie I’m reminded why I love writing about romance.




6. The Faults of Our Stars: Both the book and the movie made me cry.



5. Say Anything: Who doesn’t want a guy to hold a boom-box over their heads for them.



4. 50 First Dates: This movie made me actually fall in love with Adam Sandler.



3. A Walk to Remember: She saved him as he became her miracle. Just a beautiful love story that made me cry.



2. Dirty Dancing: Because no one puts Baby in the corner. And really, who can resist a man who dances?



1. The Notebook: Do I really need to explain why?


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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Romantic Movies According to Me

  1. Coleen says:

    i have to say im a sucker for romance movies as well , and as you know loving reading them !!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to get a copy of your new book but most of all when are you gonna sign them !!!!! Much Love and Best of Luck on your new release Maria xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Emma says:

    I haven’t seen Endless Love or The Fault in Our Stars yet. Love Ghost, Fifty First Dates, Dirty Dancing & The Notebook, but I just cringed watching A Walk to Remember. Thought it was over-the-top sentimental cheese. Maybe I should give it another go. It’s been years since I watched it.
    Best of luck with Wreck Me, Maria.

  3. Amy says:

    Fantastic list of movies!!

    Looking forward to reading Wreck Me

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