Annabelle Movie Review



Annabelle Walis: Mia

Ward Horton: John

Tony Amendola: Father Perez

Alfre Woodard: Evelyn


RUN TIME: 1hr & 39 mins

PLOT: A collector’s doll is possessed and begins to mess with the family who bought the doll. It starts with a cult next door and ends with a doll becoming possessed.


My Opinion: I was so ready to be scared. I wanted to grab on to my husband and never let go until the closing credits. Instead, I got a boring, no thrill, movie. I think I jumped once and that was it. The only thing scary about the doll is the face. The original doll (an antique Raggedy Ann) is a lot scarier. I expected to see the doll move or do something, but it did nothing besides change location and elevate. Even the appearance of the devil himself did not scare me. Maybe I’m jaded from all the scary movies I’ve watched or this movie really did lack what makes a movie scary.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.

BOTTOM LINE: Skip Annabelle and rent Child’s Play. Chucky is a whole let scarier and funnier.