Wreck Me Character Interview

Another day closer to the Wreck Me’s release day. Get to know Piper and Chase better in this Character’s Studio. And make sure to visit Danielle Sibarium’s blog to get to know Kenzie and Brayden from Regret Me Not.

Wreck Me Cover

1.What is your favorite word?

Piper: Dream, because we all have dreams and it’s up to us to make them come true.

Chase: Music. It sounds like a song as it comes out of your mouth.

2. What is your least favorite word?

Piper: Death. It’s just so final.

Chase: Loser. Nobody wants to be a loser.

3. What turns you on?

Piper: Breathing in my ear. And Chase’s blue eyes

Chase: Piper

4. What turns you off?

Piper: Lies.

Chase: People getting in my business.

5. What sound do you love?

Piper: The sound of water hitting the ceramic tub.

Chase: The strings on my Fender guitar.

6. What sound do you hate?

Piper: Lola’s voice when she’s mad at me.

Chase: Piper crying when I know I’m the reason.

7. What is your favorite curse word?

Piper: Fuck. It’s just such strong word.

Chase: Asshole. It describes so many people in my life.

8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

Piper: An English professor.

Chase: A doctor.

9. What profession would you not like to do?

Piper: Anything in politics.

Chase: Any job at my father’s company.

10. Tells us something no one knows about you?

Piper: I fell in love with Chase faster than I should have.

Chase: The minute I saw Piper, I knew she was going to change my life.

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Wreck Me Sneak Peek

Enjoy the first chapter from Wreck Me and get to know Chase and Piper.



All Piper Walker wants is to feel normal again, and for the pain of losing the one person she truly loved to go away. But no matter what she does she feels like she keeps hitting a wall of hurt.

Chase Whitman has finally moved back to town after running away from his troubled home life. He’s trying to fill the emptiness in his heart with all the wrong women, making sure he doesn’t fall in love with any of them.

Now in her sophomore year of college, Piper is trying all she can to right all the wrongs she has done the past year. Which includes almost getting thrown out of school, becoming distant from her best friend, and moving way too quickly with her boyfriend.

After a night of heavy drinking Piper wakes up to find Chase in bed with her. She panics and runs off hoping never to see him again. Little does she know Chase will invade her life in every way possible and become the person she needs the most.

Will they be able to fill the void in each other? Or will their past wreck everything?


Lips on my neck.

The pressure of his body on top of me.

His clammy hands touching my skin.

Why is the room spinning? Someone, please stop my bed from moving. I try to open my eyes but they’re glued shut. Struggling, I finally manage to open one and then the other.

No one is on top of me. Where did he go? I blink trying to focus my vision.

Oh my head. It feels like there’s lead in it. The smell of stale beer swims by my nose bringing on a wave of nausea. I think I’m going to be sick.

Without moving a muscle my eyes begin to bounce around the room.

A white ceiling with an unrecognizable light fixture.

Bare windows allowing the cruel bright sunrays to enter.

A chair near the window.

A Yankee’s tapestry on the washed-out blue wall.

This is not my room. Where the hell am I?

Heavy breathing shakes my already frantic nerves. Oh my god, there is someone lying next to me. My throat closes as each one of my muscles turn rock hard. This can’t be happening! What did I do?

I wrap my fingers on the edge of the covers and lift them hoping the stranger next to me does not wake up. Good, my bra and underwear are still on, but where’s the rest of my clothes? And who took them off me? I need to remember what I did last night.

The throbbing pain in my head is making it difficult. My eyes close as I try to recall what happened.

I remember coming to the frat house with Amber and Dixie. I also remember taking my eighth shot of Patron followed by many Solo cups filled with beer. Why did I drink so much?

Another memory swims through my head of this big football player-looking guy with a sexy smile. He and I kept sharing glances with each other all night. His honey brown eyes had me under a trance.

Oh my god, I remember dancing with him. I was grinding on him like a cat in heat. I’m such a fool. My eyes close again as I try to dredge up what happened next, but complete darkness enters my brain.

How the hell did I end up in his room? Did he put something in my drink, or did I allow the alcohol to take my brain hostage and make me do something foolish.

My heart rate speeds up as I find myself at the edge of freaking out. Did we sleep together or not?

I turn to check if he’s the guy I was dancing with last night. His bare back is to me preventing me from seeing his face. This is bad, the worst thing I’ve ever done.

All I wanted to do was let off a little steam, and not think about my issues with my boyfriend Mike. Ohmigod, did I cheat on him? I’ve messed up big time.

I try to sit up but freeze in place as the bed creaks beneath me. Please don’t wake up, please don’t wake up. I peek over and notice he’s still breathing heavily.

I need to get out of this bed and this room. I bring one leg down, and then begin to slide the rest of my body out of bed to the cold hardwood floor.

My skin prickles with goose bumps, the sun is failing its job of providing warmth. I get on all fours and crawl around searching through piles of the mystery man’s clothes for anything that belongs to me. He is so messy. There’s nothing of mine here.

I peek under the bed, but only spot balls of dust and one single gray sneaker belonging to the stranger in the bed. Damn, where can my stuff be?

“Your clothes are on the chair by the window,” a low deep voice says. Every hair on the back of my neck rises as the floor drops out from under me.

I lift my head and glare into the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. A wide smile spreads across his face, and I realize this is not the guy I was grinding with last night. I don’t remember seeing this guy at the party.

“Good morning,” he says running his hand through his thick black hair.

Without saying a word I get up and grab my clothes off the chair. I slip into my pink top and jeans.

“Are you okay?” he asks, sitting further up bringing his fingers to the bridge of his nose.

“Did you slip something in my drink?” I ask. Not like I expect him to tell me the truth. But it’s the only possible explanation I can think of, because I don’t remember talking to him.

“Are you kidding me?” He stands up revealing his tight abs. I turn away not wanting to see an inch of him. He’s already gotten to know me in ways only a few people have. “I didn’t put anything in your drink. You were drunk and—”

“And you had no problem taking advantage of that. I don’t even remember talking to you last night,” I spit out, glaring at him once again.

As he puts on his black T-shirt and jeans he says, “I didn’t take advantage of anything! Instead I pulled the asshole, you were all over at the party, off you. He was having trouble understanding what the word ‘no’ meant.”

My breath gets caught in my throat. “What?” I manage to utter.

“I was walking by and saw this big ass guy on top of you. You were out of it but were still able to mumble the word no.”

My insides cringe at the thought of some monster on top of me. How did things get so out of control? All I wanted to do was spend a nice quiet night at home. Why did I go out with Amber instead?

“I kicked him out of the room and wanted to get you out of here. But I really wasn’t in any condition to take you home. So instead I put you in bed.”

“Who took my clothes off?”

“I did. But you already had your top and pants half way off.”

“I still don’t get why you were in the bed with me?” I ask not sure whether he’s telling me the truth or not.

“I was making sure no one else came in here to take advantage of you. I guess you can call me your night watchman,” he laughs. I don’t find it as funny as he does. “Look, we didn’t have sex or anything. I promise. Besides I like my girls conscious and lucid.”

I shake my head wishing none of this ever happened. “I have to get out of here.”

“Wait, I’ll walk you home,” he says putting on his sneakers.

“No. It’s fine. I don’t live far from here.”

I turn to walk away, but he grabs my arm preventing me from taking another step. “Aren’t you even gonna tell me your name?”

“It’s Melissa,” I lie, wanting to get away from this whole messy situation.

“Nice to meet you Melissa. I’m Chase. Now I have to insist I walk you home.”

“I said no.” I yank my arm out of his grip. “Thank you for everything. I’m fine now. I wanna get out of here.”

“I’m not letting you leave until you say I can walk you home.”

I can’t believe this guy. Why can’t he just let me leave? Doesn’t he understand I can’t be in here a minute longer?

He steps in front of me and puts his arm across the entry blocking my exit. This is ridiculous. I take a deep defeating breath in and mumble, “Okay.”

“Here.” He hands me a red sweatshirt. “It’s too cold outside for you to go out like that.”

“Thanks.” I slide into it and welcome its warmth.

“Okay. I just gotta use the bathroom and then I’ll walk you home.”

I nod.

“You promise you’ll wait for me in here?”

“Yes.” I force a smile hoping he believes me.

He turns and exits the room. If he thinks, I’m going to wait for him he’s crazy. I peek out of the doorway to see him enter the bathroom at the end of the hallway. I take off as fast I can until I’m out of the frat house and two blocks away.

My weak legs force me to stop running. Out of breath my tears begin to seep out of my eyes. My throat burns trying to hold in the loud scream of fear and frustration. If that guy had not walked by when he did last night, I would be living a different story.

My skin burns knowing unwanted hands were touching me. I feel so scared, betrayed, but most of all ashamed. I can’t believe I allowed myself to get into that situation.

“Is this the walk of shame I’m witnessing?” Lola asks, opening her brown eyes wide as I walk through the front door of our three-bedroom apartment.

“Not now. I’m not in the mood.” I walk right past her straight into the bathroom and pull out a bottle of aspirin from the medicine cabinet.

I stare at myself in the mirror and notice my black mascara smeared under my gray eyes and my blonde hair full of knots. I look like crap. I swallow the two pills down and turn the water on.

“Are you okay in there?” Lola asks knocking on the door.

“Yeah, I’m gonna take a shower.”

“Fine. But when you get out we’re gonna talk.” I ignore her and step into the tub.

The hot water runs down my body erasing the smell of that guy’s cologne and stale beer. I scrub my body extra hard. The thought of someone on top of me, not caring that I was saying no, turns my stomach. I know nothing happened, but I can’t help feeling disturbed by it all.

I try again to search my mind for any other memories, but nothing comes up. Maybe I can get Amber to fill in the blanks. First I have to find out what happened to her last night.

My hand hovers over my tattoo of the name Jonahon my lower abdomen and I try everything I can, not to cry. Every time I touch his name the pain I’ve tried so hard to bury resurfaces and nudges my heart. A tear travels down my cheek as I remember his beautiful face.

I know he wouldn’t approve of how I behaved at the party. Or how I behaved since I’ve arrived at Castle Bridge University.

I lower my head allowing my tears to blend in with the cascading water. For him I must promise to stop finding myself in situations where I can get hurt. I need to get my shit together and become the person Jonah needed me to be.

I stay in the shower until my tears no longer want to escape my eyes. The aspirin is beginning to work its magic on my head. I wish it had the same effect on my stomach. All the alcohol keeps flipping things all over the place in there. The last thing I want to do is to throw up.

I walk out of the bathroom and begin to head towards my bedroom. “Hey Piper, umm…” Lola says following behind me.

“Not now Lola. I’ll talk to you later.” I just need to put on my pajamas and go under my blankets for a while.

“No I just wanna warn you…”

I step into my room and every ounce of air exits my lungs. Mike is sitting on my bed.

. . .

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Hold Me Tight by Faith Sullivan Release Party

It’s finally here the day we have all been waiting for… Hold Me Tight by Faith Sullivan is officially out. Make sure you grab a copy of the third book in this amazing trilogy.

Title: Hold Me Tight Author: Faith Sullivan Release date: April 30, 2014 Genre: Contemporary Romance Age Group: New Adult Ebook available at: Kindle | Nook | Smashwords  HOLD ME TIGHT Synopsis: He loves me. He loves me not. Ivy’s heart shatters upon hearing Eric’s crushing ultimatum. Despite how much she cares for him, she won’t give in to his demands. She has no choice but to leave, even if it’s the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. She loves me. She loves me not. When Ivy walks out, Eric can’t help feeling betrayed. Unwilling to put her at risk, he values her safety above all else. By refusing to compromise, he’s blindsided when she moves in with a man who’s already stolen so much from him. I love you. You love me not. Lauren sees Eric and Ivy’s split as an opportunity to end their relationship once and for all. When Ivy places herself at the mercy of Eric’s rival, Lauren plots to destroy the fragile tie binding them together, even if she endangers Ivy’s life in the process. Excerpt:

But there’s something I have to do before this goes any further. Slowly, I draw my head away from her embrace, finding the courage to finally meet her eyes. Her hair hasn’t been combed and her face is all tear-stained, but she has never looked more beautiful. She stands, bracing herself against me. Her breath hitches when I gently start unbuttoning her shirt, but her eyes never leave my face. I stop partway up, raising the bottom half of her cami up and over her baby bump. Dropping down, I run my hands across her stomach, feeling her shiver against my fingertips. Looking up at her, I place my lips on her bellybutton, kissing the child that’s growing within her, the miracle we created. “I will never ask you to choose again,” I say solemnly, my voice nothing but a whisper. Ivy starts to cry in earnest, placing her hands atop mine. “You are my heart now. Whatever happens to you happens to me.” I kiss each one of her knuckles as she sighs deeply, like she’s been longing with all her soul to hear me say these words. “I know I’m not as brave as you are, but I promise to try harder.” “Eric, stop. You’re the bravest man I know,” she proclaims with a tender fierceness, tears shining in her eyes. “I’m just so afraid of losing you,” I mutter, breaking down. “Oh, Eric,” she whimpers, sobbing right along with me. “I know, baby… I know.” I lean back against the wall, guiding her onto my lap. We don’t say anything more. We just sit there and hold each other, savoring the moment.
What readers are saying about HOLD ME TIGHT:
“I’m so excited! Eric’s balls grew back! He’s going to fight for her. I envisioned the whole scene in my mind. True romance at its finest.”
– Rhonda Hofmiller
“You are such a tease! What a way to leave me hanging there, after that scene at the kitchen table. DAMN. Hose me down with cold water please!”
-Natalie Smith
“Hallelujah and praise the Lord, Eric is FINALLY going after what’s his! *sigh* What a lovely welcome home present indeed!”
– Ashley Bodette
Books in this New Adult Contemporary Romance trilogy:
About the Author:
Faith Sullivan is an author of New Adult contemporary romances including the HEARTBEAT trilogy, the TAKE ME NOW series and the 9/11 novel, UNEXPECTED. She writes love stories with a little dash of crazy.

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Wreck Me Cover Reveal

I am so excited to bring to you my new cover for my first New Adult book Wreck Me designed by Mae I Design. I can’t wait for it’s release in June 2014.  Until then enjoy the cover.

Wreck Me Cover


All Piper Walker wants is to feel normal again, and for the pain of losing the one person she truly loved to go away. But no matter what she does she feels like she keeps hitting a wall of hurt.

Chase Whitman has finally moved back to town after running away from his troubled home life. He’s trying to fill the emptiness in his heart with all the wrong women, making sure he doesn’t fall in love with any of them.

Now in her sophomore year of college, Piper is trying all she can to right all the wrongs she has done the past year. Which includes almost getting thrown out of school, becoming distant from her best friend, and moving way too quickly with her boyfriend.

After a night of heavy drinking Piper wakes up to find Chase in bed with her. She panics and runs off hoping never to see him again. Little does she know Chase will invade her life in every way possible and become the person she needs the most.

Will they be able to fill the void in each other? Or will their past wreck everything?

Goodreads link:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/19230478-wreck-me

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A Special Message from Danielle Sibarium

I’m so happy to partake in Danielle Sibarium’s announcement. I hope you guys are as excited I was. She’s not only revealing exciting news she’s also having a For Always giveaway. Make sure to enter. Here is Danielle’s special message.

Danielle Sibarium

First, I would like to thank you for allowing me to announce my special message on your blog. I am so honored to be here today. I understand your blog is a reflection of you and so I thank you for giving me this opportunity. Next, I’d like to thank every reader that has ever picked up one of my books and given them a chance. And finally I’d like to thank all of my fans that have felt compelled to reach out to me. I have appreciated all of your letters, messages, and support, whether it came in an email, or just a short and sweet tweet.

When I began this journey, I had no expectations. I had dreams and hopes and wishes, but to say I expected For Always to take on a life of its own would not be true. Since its release in October of 2011, many people have contacted me asking me if I planned to write a sequel. I thought Stephanie and Jordan’s story had been completed, but for many of you, it wasn’t enough. So because you asked, because you told me in no uncertain terms you wanted it, I am working on And Forever, the sequel to For AlwaysAnd Forever picks up where For Always ended. While Stephanie and Jordan are finally a couple, they still carry the same baggage they had before. Can their love survive the ghosts of their past and the challenges of the future?

I hope you are excited about this as I am. I expect And Forever to be released in July 2014. Until then, look for teasers on Facebook and Twitter. And before I go, I leave you with this, the prologue of And Forever.  Once again thank you for being so amazing. Happy Reading!



            The scent of death lingered nearby. Always. Only I didn’t attract it, I repelled it, like a deflector shield. This was my lot in life, to extend the days of those I loved. That theory came from Jordan; the keeper of my heart, and the love of my life!

I sighed. I didn’t realize I did it until Jordan apologized. Again.

“I’m sorry Steph, I don’t want to be distracted.”

“I know. I understand. Promise.”

He misunderstood. It was a contented sigh. One that said I was thrilled my boyfriend was driving me to school. The sigh was a sign of how surreal sitting next to Jordan and knowing that he loved me was. How I couldn’t believe in a matter of hours he’d be leaving me alone on the college campus, and I intended to savor each minute with him. The sigh was the only chance I had of getting any of those sentiments across because he didn’t want me to talk while he was driving. I knew just being in the car together was challenging for him.

Jordan still suffered the after effects of a terrible car accident that left his ex-girlfriend dead. Of course he was breaking up with her at the time because he loved me, and I pushed him into making a choice between us. When he served as my unexpected prom date, I made him admit his feelings. That’s what led to his break-up with Madison, leaving him in a swamp of guilt induced quick sand when she died. But we worked through all that.

I hoped.

I didn’t bother saying anything further to try and reassure him I wasn’t upset. I’d already been warned he couldn’t concentrate on the road and to keep the radio down. The problem was he wanted it down so low I couldn’t hear the music. I glanced at his hands on the steering wheel, his knuckles were white. He held on so tight I expected his fingers to cramp up. I hated that this was so hard for him. I wished I knew how to make it better, but the only thing I could do was stand beside him and hope in time he’d heal.

I turned to my window, watching the never ending expanse of trees zoom by. I wished for a brief moment I’d gone in the other car with my mother and her new, at least new to me, boyfriend Eddie. I’d been clueless about Eddie, but after her health scare last week, she came clean. She wanted to see him and had been ordered to take a few days off of work. Work is where they’d rendezvous during lunch. She’d been frightened when they first told her it looked like a heart attack and realized it was silly to keep him hidden away. No way I wanted to hear what cheesy, weird things they might be talking about. I mean it was my mom, gross. Still, I was happy for her. My father died a decade ago and as far as I knew she’d never dated before.

I chose to ride with Jordan, because even in the deafening silence, and the tension he carried on his shoulders every time we got in a car together, there was nowhere else I’d rather be. From the first moment he spoke to me, he owned my heart. It was branded with his name. I’d tried for four years to move on, to forget him, but that wasn’t an option for me. No one could hold a candle to him.

“Hey,” He pulled my attention back to the here and now. “You know I love you right?”

I smiled. Of course he knew that would make me smile, that’s why he said it. It felt like that’s all I’d done over the last week since he found me crying on the beach. I’ll never forget the wave of relief that washed over me when I found out he’d been spared from a terrible plane crash. He never made it on the plane because I called him at the last minute in an attempt to get him to stay. Thank goodness I did. I didn’t know where he was going or why, but Maria warned me that he was leaving, and it might be forever.

I always believed myself to be the root cause of the bad things that happen to people around me, Jordan thought I was what kept them hanging on. I didn’t believe him, at least not yet. But having him try to convince me otherwise promised to be amazing.

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